Getting Swift

I've spent much of the past quarter on a dual project:

  • Learn the new Swift programming language 
  • Figure out how to navigate Apple's developer process

On Good Friday, I submitted my first iPad app to the review process. If all goes well, it will hit the store in about a week, based on what I'm hearing about recent history.

For the most part I'm finding Swift to my liking. I've been using Swift 1.1, the latest stable version. For a while I was using version 1.2 which adds a few niceties like delayed initialization, of let variables.  

Swift provides a nice mixture of functional and object-oriented features. 

I spent quite a bit of time last year working on a mixed-language project which increasingly used Clojure. I really like Clojure. Lisp was one of the first languages I learned when I embarked on my lif-long habit of polyglot programming back in the 1970s. This was Lisp 1.5, before the advent of Scheme and Common Lisp

I started with the recently released pragmatic programmers book "iOS8 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift"  Which got me up and running as a refresher on both Xcode and Swift.

I'm liking Swift quite a bit, I've never seen functional programming and object-oriented programming as being at odds, particularly the flavor of OOP found in Smalltalk and Ruby which relegates hierarchy to an implementation detail instead of building up an empire of types.

More to come.