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For many years, I had a blog where I opined on mostly software implementation topics, with a focus on the Ruby programming language.

Due to a series of events, including the death of the second machine I used to host the blog, and bouts of full-time employment, the blog went into stasis.  I know it was popular with some, probably odd people, and I've decided to start again, but this time using square space to host it, and let them deal with keeping the hardware up and running.

This time around I intend to broaden the topics for the blog.  I'll continue to write about software development topics, but I also expect to bring in other topics I'm passionate about, like photography, film, etc.

I'll probably resurrect some favorite articles from talklikeaduck, but gradually, and without trying to make old links work.  I have all of the content albeit in the form a a mysql database dump, so it will be a semi-manual process to bring those back.

So I hope that someone enjoys the new blog.